Tips For Good Business Relationship

Grow Your Business With These Top 7 Tips For Good Business Relationship With Your Clients

Whis to have the best relationships with your clients? As your grow your virtual assistant business, it’s crucial to build solid business relationships along with your clients. Then these clients will not only keep coming back again, but also refer others to you.

Here are 10 fun tips that will help you to establish a good working relationship:

1 – It’s critical to determine right from the start how you will handle the communications with your clients. If emailing, what exactly is the standard turnaround time which you respond back for you to emails. If phoning, what are your hours? Once a client knows when they’ll hear from a you, then they can easily plan their time and work accordingly.

2 – There’s nothing worse for a client than to find out four hours before you leave that you’re heading out on a week-long vacation. That’s stretching it a little bit and you probably wouldn’t do that, but think about other ways you may be surprising your client and never giving them this advance notice they need. Keep in mind that they’re probably under pressure too for getting their work accomplished. Always give all the notice that you can when things will disrupt the business flow.

3 – For building great client relationships, try not to disappear off of the radar screen. Check in with your customers often. When a customer writes and these people don’t hear back from you for many days, they’ll fear the worst. Even if you’re working on a large project and this deadline is several weeks away, e-mail them and tell them “All is going well. ” That will builds and also security.

4 – You get the email from your client saying that they found a typo or perhaps typos. Ouch. Nobody can be perfect, but try and stay as close as you can. Also, if possible wait until the material is fresh and reread that again. Determine the time when you are at your best, and use that time to do the proofing.

5 – Ensure that all email messages is typed accurately, is short and concise. With everyone having busy schedules, this will help to your clients save time. One thing you’ll discover is if you write too long emails, often your primary points will end up being missed. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do your best to get the answers you need, but keep in mind that their time is valuable and use it wisely.

6  One thing for you must do is to make your deadlines and avoid excuses. We all understand that things come up and that’s alright if it takes place occasionally. However, in case you make a habit of needing more time or not completing projects, that customer will fear giving you more work. Not a good thing.

7 – Remember that you’re establishing a partnership relationship along with your clients. You want to help their small business grow because while you do, your business grows too. Tell them you value them being a client and are glad they’ve entrusted you with their work. Also, let them know that you appreciate referrals so that they may help in your success. It could be a two-way street with this partnership.


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And then, enjoy. Start a friendship along with your clients and make them aware that you care about them. Most of the clients today are friends. This isn’t to say that I’m not really professional and don’t conduct myself professionally, as I do. However, I make them aware that I’m also interested in them personally and how they are doing. I take the time to know their birthdays, their kid’s names, etc. Think how you’re feeling when something shows you they care about you.

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