List Building Strategies – Tips to Build and Manage Your Email List

Most business owners have heard that the money is in the list, and this common adage isn’t far from the truth. If you want to make the most of your online business, a comprehensive client list is the first step. Even those who sign on for joint ventures, as a means of list building will benefit from these list building strategies. OK but what does this “The money is in the list” actually mean?money_is_in_the_email_list

This basically means that even your site can attract visitors, but it is unlikely that they buy at the very first time. By collecting your visitors email addresses and building and email list you’ll be able to target your visitors with an email marketing campaign. Consider the fact that most internet marketers feel that about 10% conversion rate is decent for an email marketing campaign, and then you can clearly see why the money is in the list. So what should you do to build a list?

An effective way to get your visitors name and email address is to offer them a report, video or something valuable for free. Most internet marketers make a free valuable report, usually a pdf with basic information that covers the niche.

You will need to create a simple website. One of this site page will focusing on the visitor giving their name and email address to get their free report. At this point you are just build your list which you will use to start a relationnship and attain your subscribers trust without trying to sell anything.drive_traffic_to_my_squeeze_page

The next thing is to drive traffic to your squeeze page offering your free report. There are endless marketing strategies that you can use and just to get your feet wet I would like to mention a couple: article marketing, forum marketing, pay per click (PPC) free ads however this is not the purpose of this article.

An autoresponder is intended to save a lot valuable time for an internet marketer. It is one of the most helpful tool that is at your disposal not just because you can collect email addresses and build your list, but is also a irreplaceable tool in your email campaign. You can set up messages which will go out automatically according to your settings.

Overall, building an email address list is probably the most important thing an internet marketer can do, although it can take time. Once you have a large enough list you will be earning a percentage of sales with every campaign you do.

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